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Mathematical Physics of the Material Universe

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Doctoral and Master’s programme

Core curriculum credits

The core curriculum courses are scheduled according to the general annual topic among the following main credits:

Quantization Techniques; Group theory and Representation in Physics: Coherent States and Wavelets; Algebraic Geometry; Geometric and Functional Analysis Methods in Physics; Dynamical Systems; Supplements in Algebra; Basics of Topological Degree’s Theory and Applications; Quantum Mechanics; Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions; Mathematical Statistics; Languages: English/French.

Compulsory credits

Special Topics in Geometry, Analysis and Algebra; Numerical Analysis and Computing; Quantum Theory of Fields; Representation Theory and Applications II.

Optional credits

+ Option A Diffeomorphism Groups in Quantum Physics; General Relativity and Cosmology; Mathematical Foundation of Supersymmetry and String Theories; Renormalization Techniques, Non commutative Geometry and Gauge Field Theories.

+ Option B Differential Operator Theory in Physics; Non associative Algebra and Applications in Physics; N body Problems in Physics; Statistical Mechanics; Nonlinear Systems; Modelling and Equation Analysis in Fluid Mechanics; Mathematical Statistics.

Admission : Admission in this Programme is granted upon study of your application file by an international Selection Committee. The application fees amount to fifty Euros (€ 50) (i. e. 30 000F CFA). These fees are non reimbursable. A few grants can be awarded to excellent students, generally after a first year evaluation at the Chair.

Regular students should pay for the registration and tuition fees. Contact the ICMPA Secretariat for more information

Applicants should submit:

  1. An application form ;
  2. An application letter ;
  3. Certified copies of degrees / diplomas ;
  4. A curriculum vitae ;
  5. Two reference letters ;
  6. Two self-addressed envelopes bearing the applicant’s address
  7. Application study fees.

Applications should be submitted to :

International Chair of Mathematical Physics and Applications (ICMPA-UNESCO chair), 072 B. P. 50, Cotonou , Republic of Benin

* Tel.: +229-21 38 61 28/27 * Fax: +229-21 38 61 27 * E-mail: cipma_secretariat@cipma.net with copy to: copromaph@yahoo.fr;

website: http://www.cipma.net or www.uac.bj/cipma

Deadline for applications : August 31 st preceding the admission year.

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