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Training in Mathematical Physics prepares a students to eventually move into a career in almost any of the areas in which technical, physical and mathematical expertise is at present in high demand. Indeed, apart from preparing one for a career in research and teaching in mathematical physics itself, a solid background in this field can be a springboard for entering into the domains of computer science, information processing technology, financial mathematics or even investment and management science, and more generally mathematical modelling of just any physical, biological, epidemiological and human process. For example, much of modern information processing technology, based on wavelet analysis, is developing as a sub discipline of mathematical physics. A sound training in mathematical physics not only gives students a broad education in problem solving, it also equips them with a repertoire of mathematical models of the physical world, which opens up a broad spectrum of applications to many other disciplines, where mathematical modelling of real life situations has become increasingly important.

The basis for this powerful intellectual arsenal is the training that a formation in mathematical physics gives a student, in the accurate, logical analysis of physical phenomena in order to distil from them their underlying mathematical essence - and it is being increasingly realized that real life phenomena all display a mathematical structure at their deepest level.

In view of the above, investment in a solid programme in mathematical physics is an investment in the knowledge - based technology of the future. There is no other discipline that carries such a broad thrust as mathematical physics. Witness to this is the way in which, about three decades ago, when computer science was developing into a discipline in its own right, it was mostly mathematical physicists who were responsible for shaping it. More recently , big banks and other financial institutions are hiring the most promising young mathematical physicists for developing mathematical models for managing investment portfolios. A university which offers a first rate programme in mathematical physics will always be at the cutting edge of technology and in the company of brightest minds of the time ."

Prof. M. N. Hounkonnou

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