13 th COPROMAPH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL on "Hamiltonian Systems and Quantization Techniques"

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13 th COPROMAPH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL on "Hamiltonian Systems and Quantization Techniques"

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October 22th - November 03rd, 2018

Hamiltonian Systems and Quantization Techniques
Cotonou, Republic of Benin
organized by
the International Chair in
Mathematical Physics and Applications

COPROMAPH Topics include:

  • Operator theory
  • Integrable systems
  • Difference/Differential equations
  • Quantization techniques
  • Noncommutative geometry and physics
  • Methods in nonlinear mathematics
  • Differential Geometry
  • Functional Analysis
  • etc.

Building on the growing success of its previous editions, one of the main objectives of this scientific meeting is to contribute to the development of a critical mass of researchers in Africa in as dynamic and varied an area as is mathematical physics. The School brings together specialists in Mathematics, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics. It offers the international scientific community an arena for interactions and presentations of scientific research results on contemporary problems in these fields, especially for research pursued within Africa.

The Workshop also provides young African researchers an opportunity to know each other and initiate scientific collaboration. The Workshop thereby contributes in strengthening the research capacity and revitalizing activities in mathematics and mathematical physics in African universities. Given that perspective, the Workshop is preceded by the International COPROMAPH School dedicated to lay the ground-work in preparation for the forthcoming Workshop, through series of graduate level lectures, accompanying tutorials, and student seminars.

The Workshop is organized every second year, and the School every year, in the Republic of Benin, under the auspices of the Executive Secretariat of the International Chair in Mathematical Physics and Applications (ICMPA – UNESCO Chair).

The previous editions of this international COPROMAPH Schools series took place in Benin every year since 2005. This 13 th Copromaph International School covering thematic lectures on "Hamiltonian Systems - Quantization Techniques" will be animated by Professors M. Norbert
Hounkonnou (University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin)
and Augustin Batubenge (University of Montreal and University of Zambia)

Official languages:

English and French. English is the preferred choice, though, given the international attendance.

Scientific Advisory Committee:

  • A. Afouda (Benin), J.-P. Antoine (Belgium), A. Antonevich (Byelorussia),
  • A. Banyaga (USA), S. Belmehdi (France), K. Bota (USA),
  • X. Chapuisat (France), J. M. Combes (France), G. Ciccotti (Italy),
  • M. Englis (Czech Republic), S. J. Gates, Jr (USA), J.-P. Gazeau (France),
  • G. A. Goldin (USA), J. Govaerts (Belgium), M. N. Hounkonnou (Benin),
  • R. Kerner (France), J. R. Klauder (USA), W. Koepf (Germany),
  • Th. Lebel (France), W. A. Lester (USA), A. Makhoute (Morocco),
  • A. Z. Msezane (USA), S. Mtingwa (USA), R. Murenzi (Rwanda),
  • A. Odzijewicz (Poland), V. Rivasseau (France), A. Ronveaux (Belgium),
  • J.-P. Ryckaert (Belgium), M. Sangaré (Senegal), B. Torrésani (France)

Organizing Committee:

  • A. Adanhounmè (Benin), A. Afouda (Benin), R. Aguehounde (Benin) ,
  • E. Baloïtcha (Benin), J. Govaerts (Belgium), M. N.Hounkonnou (Benin),
  • M. K. Mahaman(Niger), D. Oumane Samary (Benin), A. Sama (Niger),
  • R. Avohou (Bénin), I.Aremua (Togo), A. Sodoga (Togo).

Deadline for applications:

  • August 31 th , 2018 Registration has to be received before August 31 st

The activity is open to scientists from all countries. Travel and local (subsistence, accommodation) expenses should be covered by the home institution. Former students from the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) wishing to apply to these COPROMAPH School are encouraged to also seek support from AIMS. Participants from French speaking African countries are encouraged to also apply for support from the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (http://www.auf.org). Mention of such applications should be made in the application form to the School.

Applications should be submitted to:

COPROMAPH SECRETARIAT University of Abomey-Calavi UNESCO Chair of Mathematical Physics and Applications (ICMPA-UNESCO chair), 072 B. P. 50, Cotonou, Republic of Benin


All participants will be staying in hotels in Cotonou, close to the school site. Please indicate which kind of room you wish and if you accept to share your room with someone else. The accommodation will be paid directly to the hotel by the organizers if the full registration fee (see below) has been paid.

For convenience, each participant is requested to pay a total sum of either FCFA
450,000, Euros 650 or $US 850, to cover all the costs for their stay (registration, hotel accommodation, meals, miscellanea). A receipt will be issued, which the participant must countersign. The School registration fees are US$60 equivalent to CFA25,000 or €40.

Those participants wishing to stay in a hotel different from the place of accommodation foreseen by the organizers may ask for the necessary information, but they should then arrange for their accommodation themselves, including the payment for the ensuing costs. However, in order to avoid problems, it is imperative to reserve a room well a month in advance before arrival in Cotonou.

A local organization committee will be set- up to welcome you on your arrival at the international airport of Cotonou, and to take you to your place of accommodation. It is imperative that all participants do inform the organizing committee of the details of their travel arrangements through the above mentioned COPROMAPH SECRETARIAT addresses.

The city itself and its surroundings are special attractions. Beaches are close to the hotels which often possess their own swimming pool.

Benin society is rich in history and culture. If there is enough interest, tours could be organized to some places of historical and cultural interest. Benin is situated in West Africa, between Nigeria and Togo. The climate is tropical and the temperature is close to 28°C.

Hotel prices:

  • C ategory A: Single room with breakfast: US$ 100.00-150.00 per day;
  • Category B: Single room with breakfast: US$ 60.00 - US$ 80.00 per day. Daily board can be estimated at about US$ 30.00.

Official invitations:

In special cases, the organizing committee is prepared to send a personal invitation letter for the School. It should be understood that such an invitation is not a commitment on the part of the organizers to provide any financial support.

For further information and Workshop announcements in Africa

please visit:

Application Form Online registration here

COPROMAPH School registration form

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