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In the Physical oceanography group, we conduct studies on the ocean and climate conditions in the northern Gulf of Guinea, their influence on the regional climate, coastal upwelling, coastal environment and resources. We are involved in the PREFACE program (Enhancing PREdiction oF Tropical Atlantic ClimatE & its impact ; http://preface.b.uib.no/), funded by the European Union (FP7). In a climate change context, climate models present systematic errors in upwelling systems and in the eastern part of the tropical Atlantic, leading to uncertainties in climate projections. Therefore our objectives in PREFACE are to reduce uncertainties in our knowledge of the functioning of Tropical Atlantic climate, particularly of climate-related ocean processes (including stratification), by improving our understanding of oceanic variability in the Gulf of Guinea and in upwelling systems.
We also conduct studies on coastal hydrodynamics and changes of the coastal environment conditions. We are in charge of a long-term observation system which measures hydrodynamic conditions (shoreline évolutions, waves, alongshore drift) at Grand Popo beach, Benin.

Sub topics:
- The analysis and monitoring of the oceanic conditions in the Gulf of Guinea, and mostly along its northern coasts:
- The impact of the oceanic and climatic conditions on the resources and coastal erosion.
- The influence of the surface oceanic conditions on the monsoon flux variability;

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